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Programming Utilities

Over the years, we found ourselves performing repetitive tasks and decided to create some programs to help speed those actions up.
utility description released
WiFi QR Code Generator Allow guests to easily connect to your WiFi network using a QR code. 06/03/20
IP Subnet Calculator Calculate IP address sub-network ranges 10/18/15
What Is My IP Address? A free what is my ipv4 service. 07/28/15
Random Password Generator A simple random password generator with a few options for different security levels. 03/29/10
RGB/HEX to Floating Point RGB / HEX to Floating Point Calculator for iPhone Developers using Objective C. 01/31/08
Zip Code Search Find out what zip code belongs to what city or vice versa. Includes GPS coordinates and more! 12/19/06
.htpasswd Generator Need to generate some .htpasswd entries but don't want to deal with the command line utilities? Use this very simple utility! 04/19/06
Verify Email Address Need to validate an email address without sending an email to it? This script checks the domains MX handlers, contacts them and validates the user on the fly! 01/05/06
WEP Passphrase Converter Use this nifty utility to convert a WEP or WPA Passphrase into the different encryption KEYs compatible with different networks (apple and non apple) 12/08/05

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