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We take pride in the applications that we create. Listed below are just a handful of the flagship products that we have created.
product description released
dotvim My personal .vim configuration 04.17.19
fade-to-black Convert Ubuntu 19.04 boot up and login screens to black 08.16.19
fonter Linux console font editor and changer. This was written in 1998, my first C program. It was a copy of a MS-DOS version that I wrote in Pascal. 09.06.17
kIRC Killer IRC, written in 1999 in Delphi. 09.06.17
radiothermostat radiothermostat plugin for homebridge: 01.10.17
Timer Mac menubar applet to track time. 07.13.15
ubuntu-wallpapers Simple script to generate XML for wallpapers 11.26.17
Vitals A glimpse into your computer's temperature, voltage, fan speed, memory usage and CPU load. 06.25.18
Website Analyzer Pro Looking for an inexpensive yet powerful website statistics analyzer? Do you want to perform Search Engine Optimization without paying a large commission to some agency? Do you know if your latest press release or ad campaign is positively affecting your website? If so, you need to check out Website Analyzer Pro! 10.15.05

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