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Here is a collection of programs and scripts that could be useful for your average System Administrator or Programmer. If you are not a tech person (i.e. nerd), this page will probably be of no interest to you.
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Case-insensitive tab completion Pressing tab was never so easy with this linux input tweak 4,664 03/29/16
Rename linux user Easy commands to rename a user, including home directory 4,242 03/29/16
Block ip address Use IPTABLES to block an ip address 6,909 03/20/15
Recursive directory compare Compare files from two different directories recursively 4,344 03/15/15
List files by modified date Script to list files in a directory recursively by last modified date. 4,862 09/05/14
Clear iptables Clears all (or at least most) ip tables rules 8,220 06/07/14
Get Remote Timestamp Get the timestamp of a file from a remote webserver 6,763 10/13/10
PHP Visible Text Make sure your text is always visible no matter what the background color. 8,197 09/16/09
Forum Spam Bot Blocker An up to date script that blocks the spam bots who have tried to post on 16,280 03/10/09
Fix Microsoft Word copy and paste Replace those funny characters into the appropriate - " ' when pasting from word to an online form 7,818 09/12/08
Strip SSL Password Remove password from SSL, stop Apache from asking for a password on startup. 9,162 05/23/08
Delete Files Recursively Sift through a bunch of directories and delete only specific files. 9,534 05/23/08
BMP & GD PHP Support The missing imagecreatefrombmp that php doesn't include. 16,155 11/10/07
Create Bookmark JavaScript for IE and FF to create bookmarks with a user click. 8,668 07/20/07
Detect Scrollbar Widths JavaScript for IE and FF to detect a users scrollbar width in pixels for advanced webpage development. 12,883 07/20/07
PHP Seconds Conversion Convert seconds to days, hours, minutes and seconds human readable format in php 21,396 01/10/07
BASH For Loop A bash script to loop 1 through 20 easily with seq. 9,565 01/04/07
Cisco Expect Script An expect script to automatiaclly log into cisco routers. 72,511 12/27/06
PHP CSV Parsing A great way to parse csv files easily. 11,567 08/23/06
PHP JPEG Progressive Check A PHP script to determine if a jpeg is progressive (Flash 7 can't display progressive pics) and if so, it resaves it in a non-progressive format. 20,766 06/01/06
Perl Wireless Connection Script A simple Linux Perl script that loads in the background and connects your wireless card to the internet. If no AP is found, it connects to ethernet. Includes automatic AP roaming support and ping detection. 14,769 05/01/06
PHP Page Load Time Display the time in miliseconds that a certain page takes to be created. Useful for determining database load time. 13,616 04/19/06
PHP Geocode Calculator With these two functions, you can calculate the distance between two latitude and longitude decimal coordinates as well as the bearing in degrees. 17,392 03/04/06
PHP 301 Redirect By using 301 redirects, you preserve search engine placement and indexing -- that is not losing rank! 8,429 02/23/06
Browser Window Close Confirm Do you want to confirm with the user that they are leaving your site *before* allowing the window to close? This beauty uses the onBeforeUnload handler which supports the latest IE and Mozilla based browsers. 32,990 01/13/06
PHP XML Generation Quick and easy way to generate an xml feed from a database and read them back into an array. 12,469 12/28/05
PHP Register Globals Use .htaccess to turn on or off PHP Register Globals without editing your php.ini. This is a great way to enable older php scripts to run without making your whole site insecure. 19,837 10/28/05
PHP Encryption Very secure php encrypt and decrypt function. Uses gzip to have a little fun with the algorithm as well. 8,342 10/12/05
.vimrc config A powerful .vimrc configuration file that I use for all my editing needs. 10,096 10/08/05
PHP Email Validation Verify an email address in PHP by first checking for proper format. It then checks the domain mx records. Lastly it connects to the domain and verifies that the account exists. 11,732 10/07/05
Linux Search & Replace A recursive search and replace linux command, for those massive file changes you don't feel like doing by hand. 12,370 10/06/05
Browser Info Coding some DHTML or javascript and need to see the browser info you are currently using? 8,735 09/29/05
PHP String Diff Need a PHP based function like the diff command? Look no further, Compare two strings with ease! 13,312 05/18/05
HTML Color Sheets Very nice hex and decimal charts that show web colors. 8,748 01/23/05
ANSI Code Table A little ANSI Color Table taken from the MS-DOS days. 23,314 01/23/05
ANSI Color Codes Neat little BASH script that shows the ANSI colors and their corresponding code numbers. 12,214 01/23/05
Linux Console Fading While poking through the linux kernel source code, I found a hidden way to fade in and out on a pure linux console. 8,898 01/23/05
BIOS Logo Changer Have one of those OLD motherboards with an EPA Logo in the top right? This little guy lets you alter the logo. Comes with a linux .epa console viewer. Use at your own risk! 8,830 01/23/05
Display ASCII Characters The proper way to display high ASCII characters on a linux console. 13,853 01/23/05
Linux .bashrc Convient functions and a nice colorized prompt that anyone can benefit from. 9,749 01/23/05
Lower linux filenames Rename all files in a directory to lowercase. 8,003 01/23/05
CAT5 Wiring Guide CAT5 cabling guide on how to wire a straight pair, crossover, and t1 crossover cable. 13,677 01/23/05
VI Tutor Need to learn VI? This howto taught me over 8 years ago. 9,650 01/23/05
HTML Characters A nice chart of characters and their coresponding HTML based codes. 8,678 12/29/04
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