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• What are the two different methods of website analyzing?

• So what is the overall method with the biggest advantage?

• Why would I want to pay when I can get this service for free?

• What does the pro version offer over the standard?

Comparing Analyzer Types:
OptionWeb BasedLog File
Unique Tracking with cookiesYesNo
Relies on DNS, which can cause page load lag or if the server is downYesNo
Dependent on a browser for accurate reportingYesNo
Requires JavaScript to work correctlySometimesNo
Image Transfer CountNoYes
Downloaded Files - other than html, php, asp, etc.NoYes
Error Reporting (missing files, compression errors, etc)NoYes
Transfers logs when you choose, not when your site is at it's primeNoYes
Reporting of the html/php/asp file size transferNoYes
Following ROI and clickable regionsYesYes

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